Please call our office to schedule visits. We can serve you better if you have an appointment and arrive at your scheduled time. It also ensures the best use of time for both our patients and our staff. We ask that you give us 24 hours notice if you will not be able to keep your appointment so that we can offer that time to someone else.

Parents must accompany their children to the office for all well visits and sick visits unless arrangements have been made with the office staff BEFORE the patient is brought to the office.

Emergencies arise. We will do our best to advise you if there is going to be a delay in seeing your child. Your patience and cooperation during busy times is appreciated. Every effort will be made to keep your wait time to a minimum.

Well Child Visits

Well check-ups are an integral part of managing your child’s health needs. These visits allow us to comprehensively assess your child’s growth and development including nutritional needs. We recommend that you call in advance so you may choose the date that best fits your schedule/needs. Our recommended schedule for well check- ups is as follows: 1 week of age, 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, 2 years old and annually thereafter. Immunizations and various screenings (developmental and medical) are performed at various ages. If you have concerns, please tell us at the time the visit is scheduled so that an adequate amount of time can be scheduled.

Below is a sample schedule of recommended check-ups, screenings and immunizations.. Immunizations guidelines can change based on new information set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control.

Sick Visits

We make every effort to schedule “work-in” appointments for sick children on the day that you call us. Sometimes, advice from the nurse may resolve the problem and save you a trip to the office by suggesting measures you can do at home.

Asthma / Allergy Clinic

We offer individualized care to assess problems and provide appropriate treatment for problems associated with allergies and asthma. We provide resources for evaluation, education and treatment, as well as basic allergy testing (which often help asthma patients identify allergic triggers to their asthma). Please contact us for more information or call to schedule an allergy test for your precious child.

Follow-up/Recheck Appointments

It is very important to make and keep these appointments to be sure that the illness or issues have been resolved.